How Does Bail Work in Denver, CO

How Does Bail Work
At A Alpha Bail Bonds we specialize in posting bail in Denver and throughout Colorado. Our vast knowledge of the Colorado justice system and how bail works allows us to provide fast and efficient service. You can count on us to explain the entire process to you before you sign any paperwork that holds you accountable for any fees. As soon as you learn that a friend or relative has been detained do not hesitate to give us a call in order to get them released. Our goal is your complete satisfaction throughout the whole process, including pricing, discreetness and speed. Call the team at A Alpha Bail Bonds anytime you need a fast bail bond in Denver or elsewhere in Colorado.

What is Bail?

Depending on the location of the arrest a person may or may not need to go before a judge in order to have their bail set. In order to ensure the possibility of a reasonable release time using bail many detention facilities have bail schedules, which sets the bail amount automatically based on the crime committed. However in some places when a person is detained they must be arraigned. This is when they go before a judge to have their bail amount set in person based on their crime, previous arrest record and other factors.

The point of bail is to allow a person to live freely until the case is settled in court. Bail can be paid in full in cash or check, which is returned to the payee following the case's dismissal. However this dollar figure is often in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, making this an unlikely option for most people. A bail bond can also be used by paying a licensed agency a percentage fee to post the bond; a much more affordable option. Regardless of how it is initially paid bail acts as a contract stating the defendant will show up at all of their scheduled court appearances. If they do not the person who posted bail for them may become responsible for paying the entire bail amount.

How to Post Bail in Colorado

How Does Bail Work
As stated bail can be posted by paying the entire amount up front. However, this amount is often very high. In order to affordably post bail a person can use a bail bond. At A Alpha Bail Bonds we offer low rate bail bonds, generally between 10% and 15% of the total bail cost. Once this is paid we file the bond and ensure your loved one is released quickly from jail.

As soon as you find out someone that you care about has been detained give the professional bondsmen at A Alpha Bail Bonds a call at (720) 307-3971 to have them released. We work hard to provide fast bail bonds in Denver and throughout Colorado.


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